Experience Heartfulness Meditatation at Richmond, VA USA



These sessions offer a practical experience of Heartfulness Meditation which you can experience and then integrate into your daily life.

Spirituality is the search for a higher experience of ourselves. Experience is the source from which real knowledge begins. Heartfulness is a path to experiencing your inner self. We have learned so much from so many, both ancient and modern.

Yet, upon closing their books or turning off their lectures, we remain the same as we were before. Experience is the gold that backs the currency of knowledge. Without experience all knowledge stays abstract and hollow. It is not yet OURS.

Heartfulness Meditation is a practical technique that you can use in parallel to any other spiritual approach:

Try Heartfulness Meditation on your own and see how you feel.

Meditating with someone who has the capacity of yogic transmission can help you explore the Heartfulness practice more deeply. There are no charges for this, and we invite you to experience the unique benefits of this transmission.

Click here to register for Heartfulness Meditation with assistance.

You don’t need faith or knowledge to experience! Simply do it and feel!


11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Event Organizer


The Hindu Center of Virgnia
6051 Springfield Rd
Glen Allen, Virginia
United States


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Heartfulness Team

Heartfulness returns you to the place where you are innocent and most vulnerable. It takes you to a time when you are not capable, nor responsible of perceiving good or evil. It returns you to a space before the muddled confusion and chaos in society, or as we call it, “the real world.” Heartfulness happens in the spaces before thoughts are even concrete. It is before inhalation of breath, before I, the ego.

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