HEARTFULNESS retreat-seminar on Baikal



The program includes:
– Learning the simple practice of meditation on “the light in the heart” and the internal state of purification;

– Silence Watch – retreat;

– Individual and group meditation practice with the instructors.
The purpose of the seminar:
• Strengthen the relationship of mind and heart, to learn how to develop an inner knowing that wisely manage and direct our lives.

  • Grow up to face the challenges of life with courage and acceptance.
  • Living by heart, and be what we should be.

Explore and get to experience:
– Feel the ease and joy of their true nature;
– For a short time, you will learn how to stay in touch with this gentle inner support throughout the day.

This idea includes the promotion of mental health, the development of inner balance, peace of mind, openness attitude, acceptance and joy.


20/Jun/2016 - 30/Jun/2016
12:00 am

Event Organizer

Elena Belik
+7(950) 138-4473


Recreation center “Ark of Baikal Lake “
Near the island Olkhon


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