Individual Peace contributes to Univeal Peace- a rural initiative-Tiruchirapalli-India


We have identified a Polytechnic college located in a rural environment and started taking sessions under our U connect programme. With the aim of making those 60 students as intensive abhyasis and through them to make inroads into the rural villages this programme is conceived.

Step 1.: The students were brought to our Ashram on 11.09.2016 and a one day refresher course on Heartfulness Meditation done.

Step 2 : Two follow up sessions on 18.09.2016 and 25.09.2016 are proposed at college premises itself, after the regular U connect sessions to motivate the students in taking up the message to their rural villages and by encouraging them to bring their relatives and friends for experiencing Heartfulness.
After the 11.09.2016 session itself, some of the students expressed their desire to bring their parents to Ashram.Considering their poor means (some of the students after the class hours engage themselves in some petty jobs and take back home every day a few rupees for their day to day survival) and other practical constraints a mega event is planned for 05.10.2016.

Step 3: More than 15 innovative and eco friendly competition are designed for an intra school competition involving 20 nearby rural schools and a maximum of 20 participants are permitted from each school to participate in the competition. The day starts with planting of saplings followed by HFN relaxation/meditation for the student and staff. Then the competitions shall begin. During that time introductory sittings/briefings on meditation for individual parents/visitors are arranged.After the concluding ceremony all the visitors/students are to be presented with a Tulsi plant ( an eco friendly =oxygen releasing plant) with a request to plant them in their house.

Step 4: Necessary follow up sessions for those who have taken introductory sitting shall be organized and if necessary a visit to the concerned village to be made for further follow up- In as much as weekly sessions for the students are already in progres follow up with the help of students to be taken up.


17/Sep/2016 - 18/Sep/2016
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Event Organizer

G Krihnamoorthy


JR Polytechnic
Tiruchirapalli, India


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