WEEKLY Guided Relaxation activity at Air Force School, Kakaikunda, Kharagpur, India


Col. P. Chakraborty, C.A.O., Air Force Station, Kakaikunda Air Force Base, Kharagpur (overall in charge of Air Force School, run by Air Force Wives” Welfare Association, A.F.W.W.A., Air Force Base, KAKAIKUNDA, Kharagpur) shared his concerns about children undergoing stress due to various factors in today’s fast paced life; some factors sometimes originating in the family. Consequently, the Purity and the Simplicity which should symbolize children is slowly getting eroded due to the very state, culture, and quality of our lives nowadays. As responsible citizens, we recognize the urgency to stop this type of dwindling of the twin qualities (of PURITY & SIMPLICITY) in our children. And, we need to take immediate remedial steps.

Heartfulness Institute (KHARAGPUR centre) aims at redressing this loss of Purity and Simplicity in our school going children (age Five plus) through its WEEKLY Heartfulness Guided Relaxation activity.

To take this well-intention-ed beneficial activity forward so that our budding chidren become as Pure and Simple as the Heavenly Maker made us, Air Force School, Air Force Base, KAKAIKUNDA, Kharagpur, teams up with Heartfulness Institute (KHARAGPUR centre) in organizing the weekly Guided Relaxation activity for School children (enrolled in classes  3 to 8) during Mass PT every TUESDAY (w.e.f. Tuesday, 29-11-2016, from 730 to 745 am).




27/Dec/2016 - 03/Jan/2017
7:30 am - 7:45 am

Event Organizer

Col. P. Chakraborty, C.A.O., Air Force Station, Kalaikunda Air Force Base, Kharagpur - 721303
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Air Force School, KAKAIKUNDA, Kharagpur
Air Force School, KAKAIKUNDA, Kharagpur -


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