Weekly Heartfulness Workshops



Dwarkamai is pleased to announce a weekly schedule of Heartfulness workshop. These workshops are based on Sahaj Marg System (Natural Path). The system is a practical, spiritual path which is based inner experience through meditation.  This modern day form of Raj yoga is practiced daily by people from all walks of life and can be easily integrated into daily life.

Heartfulness: Living by the Heart

By tuning in to our heart, we learn to be centered in our highest self.

Strengthen that connection and cultivate an inner knowing that wisely directs and guides our lives. Grow to face the challenges of life with courage and acceptance. Live by the heart, and become what we’re meant to be.

Visit the the website http://heartfulness.org for additional details.


These works shops will be facilitated by Narendra Sharma.  Narendra Sharma is an adept practitioner of Raj Yoga based meditation system and is a designated prefect / instructor from Sahaj Marg meditation system.  Narendra has been meditating with Natural Path meditation system since 1991. A designated prefect conducts various meditation sessions in individual / group settings to help seekers start meditation practices, deepening their practices on daily / weekly basis.

Fee: No fee  (Donation to Dwarkamai welcomed)

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Phone: 978-276-9724

Website: www.dwarkamai.com


11:00 am

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267 Boston road
suite 9-10
Billerica, MA
United States


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