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We are trying to schedule sessions in a series to introduce various elements of Heartfulness meditation.  And yet anybody who comes for the first time is still not at a loss because each class has the introduction to Heartfulness meditation.

On Jan 23rd we had an introductory session on Heartfulness meditation

On Feb 6th, we talked about what are Impressions and how Heartfulness meditation helps.

On Feb 20th, we will introduce a process called “Cleaning of impressions”. We gather impressions day in day out on our mind.  And how this cleaning helps enhance our experience to connect with the inner self or heart via Heartfulness meditation.

Feel free to invite family and friends (age 15 years and older).

We will have follow-up sessions on March 5th ,  March 26th, April 9th, April 23rd in the main library.   Details to follow soon.

Swapnil Adulkar

Links for recap:

What is Heartfulness :

What are Impressions :

Thoughts :

Try Meditation by yourself :

A Heartfulness Trainer

A Heartfulness Trainer

He is a therapist graduate from the University of Toronto, with a keen interest in Mind-Body-Heart paradigm. A certified teacher, he has been researching, practising, and introducing Mindfulness and Heartfulness Meditations as effective interventions for healing to different groups in a number of countries including India past 15 years.

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