Heartfulness Meditation – Observe yourself, deepen experience with practice – Schaumburg, IL



We have had a few sessions now about meditation, what thoughts/impressions are and how to clean them to enhance the meditation experience and connect to the self. Each class had the introduction piece and meditation; so anybody attending for the first time was not at a loss. We will continue that practice to accommodate any new seeker !

The next session is on March 5th at 10:30 AM at the Main branch of the Schaumburg Library. The room is Rasmussen South on the second floor. We will devote the first 10-15 minutes for the new comers to go through the introduction to Heartfulness and start the next new topic around 10:45 AM.

This time around we will talk a bit about observing ourselves, our condition and how regularity can help to enhance the experience. And yes, we will meditate together ! In the mean time, feel free to try this relaxation.

There is no charge for learning or practicing Heartfulness meditation , or attending any session across the US.


Swapnil Adulkar

Heartfulness Chicago Team

A Heartfulness Trainer

A Heartfulness Trainer

He is a therapist graduate from the University of Toronto, with a keen interest in Mind-Body-Heart paradigm. A certified teacher, he has been researching, practising, and introducing Mindfulness and Heartfulness Meditations as effective interventions for healing to different groups in a number of countries including India past 15 years.

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