Heartfulness Meditation Workshop – Altamonte Springs, FL


Do you ever feel like you need more time for everything in your life? Do you find yourself caught up on the internet for hours on end? Do you have incessant mind chatter and cannot seem to get hold over it? Do you crave for an experience of inner joy, calmness and stillness?

Join us for a comprehensive workshop on building a solid foundation in your life. Here you will learn the practical tools for moving past unwanted habits and finding greater inner satisfaction through Heartfulness meditation.

A Heartfulness Trainer

A Heartfulness Trainer

He is a therapist graduate from the University of Toronto, with a keen interest in Mind-Body-Heart paradigm. A certified teacher, he has been researching, practising, and introducing Mindfulness and Heartfulness Meditations as effective interventions for healing to different groups in a number of countries including India past 15 years.

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