Heartfulness Meditation Workshop – Tredyffrin Public Library, 582 Upper Gulph Road, Wayne, PA 19087 (USA)


Join us for a workshop on Heartfulness Meditation Experience and learn simple yet effective and meditation techniques to reduce stress, calm your mind and improve the quality of your life.

Heartfulness Meditation Workshop

There is an abundance of information these days about yoga, meditation, inner well-being and balanced living. People everywhere are searching for ways to improve their lives, reduce stress and find peace and happiness. For this, we don’t need complicated routines that are impossible to sustain. We need something simple, easy and effective; something we can do every day in the comfort of our own homes.

Heartfulness Meditation includes simple and practical techniques to relax and calm your mind. In a few minutes, you will learn how to feel the lightness and joy of your true nature. You don’t need to know how to meditate or to believe in a particular system or philosophy. The Heartfulness technique shows us to gently turn our attention towards our heart and experience that inner presence for ourselves.

Heartfulness meditation will also be taught at workshop in person at Tredyffrin Library on every third Saturday 2-3 PM. We invite you to attend, and experience a practical session of relaxation and meditation. Your families and friends are welcome to join you, and there is no prerequisite or fee charged for this session.