Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation – Batavia Public Library- IL – Monthly Series


Happiness is a function of our internal state of being.. It is our natural state of being. So when we hope to find happiness, we are really looking to uncover our natural state of being that is being covered up. Covered up by what?  These include all the learned beliefs, which we accumulate from our environment, including family, school, religion, culture and society. And we continue to accumulate these beliefs, changing some, but some are deeply ingrained in us.  On big zapper of our natural state of happiness is stress….  Stress from the day to day things we deal with such as work, kids, not enough time, information overload and seemingly too much to do, not enough sleep, etc.

Learn to relax and uncover the layers by relaxation and simple meditation by tuning into your heart.  The six week series takes us step by step by learning to relax, meditate, technique to feel lighter, self-observation, tuning into our hearts to make decisions, and happiness quotient.

A Heartfulness Trainer

A Heartfulness Trainer

He is a therapist graduate from the University of Toronto, with a keen interest in Mind-Body-Heart paradigm. A certified teacher, he has been researching, practising, and introducing Mindfulness and Heartfulness Meditations as effective interventions for healing to different groups in a number of countries including India past 15 years.

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