Heartfulness Masterclass day 2 Review

We invite you to share your experience from day 2 of the Masterclasses and also check your understanding of the concepts presented. Please make yourself comfortable and take a few minutes to respond to the questions below. Your responses will be emailed to you at the address provided below. Thank you, and enjoy!

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Share your experience

These questions are designed to help you reflect upon the experience and tell us how you felt. There are no right answers for these!

How did you feel after the Heartfulness cleaning activity? (check all that apply for you)

In your experience how did the cleaning affect your meditation? (check all that apply for you)

How did you feel after the Heartfulness cleaning activity? (check all that apply for you)

Which of the steps in the cleaning activity did you find challenging? (check all that apply)

Check your understanding

These questions have a ‘right answer’ and carry ‘points’! See how well you’ve understood the basics of Heartfulness.

How are impressions and complexities created? 1 point

How do impressions and complexities affect us? 1 point

What remains when complexities and impurities are removed from our system? 1 point

What is removed from our system during the Heartfulness cleaning process? (Select all choices that are correct) 1 point

For how long should the cleaning be done? 1 point

How does cleaning support meditation? 1 point

Is it OK to use the Heartfulness cleaning technique for a few minutes when we feel overly anxious or disturbed? 1 point

Deepen your practice

How many times have you tried the Heartfulness morning meditation on your own? (*)

Have you tried meditating with a Heartfulness trainer or with a local group? (Check all that apply) (*)

How would you like to deepen your experience and understanding of Heartfulness? (Check all that apply.) (*)

For further information

Please check out the other Masterclasses at the URL below, along with information and tools about deepening your meditative experience.