Subscribe to Heartfulness You Tube Channel

Why should you subscribe to the YouTube Channel of Heartfulness?

You can find a Subscribe button under any Heartfulness YouTube video, or on a Heartfulness channel’s page.
Once you subscribe to the Heartfulness channel, any new videos or LiveEvents are published, an alert email or email notification will come to your email ID.

So, you will not miss all the latest addition and developments happening. By default, YouTube will send you only the highlights from the channel.

Step 1: Login to YouTube with your Google account.

Step 2: Go to the Browse Channels page. Click the YouTube menu to the right of the YouTube logo, and then click Browse Channels

Step 3: Search for Heartfulness channel. In the search box, type Heartfulness

Step 4: Subscribe to Heartfulness channel. Click the red Subscribe button.

Step 5: Subscribe to a Heartfulness channel. Visit here and click the red Subscribe button

Step 6: Subscribe to a Heartfulness channel. While watching video you can click the red Subscribe button.

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