Tushar Pradhan

Tushar Pradhan is the (CIO) Chief Investment Officer at HSBC Global Asset Management Company (India) Limited, Mumbai. He is responsible for all investment activities and investment strategy. He is an MBA from the Barney School of Business and Public Administration, University of Hartford, CT, USA and has worked in various organizations in the US and India. Tushar has been practicing the Heartfulness meditation for the past 16 years and is a Heartfulness meditation trainer of the mission since 2007. He is a Zonal Coordinator of Heartfulness Institute for Mumbai Metro Region.

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As our world becomes more and more materialistic in attitude, the measure of success is also becoming increasingly related to what one has, as opposed to what one is. Ambition relates to what one can achieve, or have, as opposed to an aspiration to become. This is the fundamental difference between these ostensibly similar words. How is it possible for companies and individuals to focus on aspiration versus ambition. The fundamental answer seems to lead us to explore the effect of our actions. If one explores even simple cause and effect in relationships, be it personal or business oriented, it is very easy to see there effect of bad actions having a bearing on the final outcome. So in a sense the means to the end are far more important than the end in itself if one has to leave a lasting impact. This webinar tries to explore the solution to the problem we face today.

Past Series

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